Concept: Simplicity

A fundamental concept in real martial arts training is the idea of simplicity. For techniques to be maximally effective they need to be very simple and optimized for functionality. The real martial arts skills have been in use and been perfected for thousands of years. Through real world experience and the expertise of generations of martial arts Masters the technique has been focused down to its essence, with no wasted motion, no wasted time, and no nonfunctional complexity.

Real martial arts techniques are devastatingly effective and designed to make sure that self-defense scenarios are over in a moment. Two seconds or less from the time they engaged. The real martial arts that all of the sport martial arts are descended from our extremely functional. They don’t do five rounds for a fight. It’s like the concept in Samurai sword fighting where they say “one strike, one victory”. Which is considered to be perfection in fighting, the fight is over on the first move.

In class we use the analogy of a sculptor who takes away everything on a block of stone that is not whatever he is making. In real martial arts we do the same thing, we focus the technique into its most optimal form.

Simplicity also is more likely to be successful because each technique have less moving parts and additional elements, The more complicated your martial arts technique is the more possibilities there are for failure. In real life when you use technique to defend yourself you were interested in creating a certain outcome, defending yourself, submitting the opponent, controlling the situation, doing damage to the opponent if needed etc. there are no bonus points for adding complexity tell your self-defense sequences. Your goal is to make it as effective as possible. That’s why simplicity is so important.

Once again there’s a lot more to this discussion. We do a lot on this and other Martial arts concepts during our classes.

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