Economy of Motion

Economy of motion is a very fundamental martial arts concept that will make your martial arts training and techniques much more effective.

Just as it sounds, the idea of a economy of motion is that when you are using your technique’s each movement for each moment of time is being used in its most effective and efficient way.

One of the hallmarks of really effective martial artists is that each movement they do will be extremely quick and efficient. With no wasted time, or motion for technique. Advanced martial artists do one move and create a number of advantages for themselves in the fight. Novice martial artists do a lot of extra movement and techniques to create results. White belts do five things to get one thing done, expert black belts do one thing to get five things done. That’s the essence of economy of motion.

In well executed economy of motion every move you make creates one or multiple advantages for you. There is no wasted motion.

In a music analogy there are no empty beats or gaps and wasted motion in the sequences that an opponent can take advantage of.

You’ll learn much more about this concept and many others at the dojo. Once again learning in person from an expert instructor is the only really effective way to learn martial arts.

Just reading about it or watching some videos, while it can be helpful, is not the same as hands-on instruction with positive feedback from an expert martial art teacher.

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