Self defense application vs Military application

When people are considering martial arts for more functional purposes like self defense (and for the peace of mind of knowing you can handle real life situations that might come up) they will gravitate away from the usual sport and children’s martial arts and start to look at more realistic applications like Krav Maga.

Real martial arts that will function in real life are surprisingly hard to find. So when people start to look for it many times they will look at some straight military martial applications. Some of these military martial arts or military fight training have some good functionality. But they do many times need to be adjusted to the needs of someone who is doing self protection usually having to fight by themselves against an opponent or opponents who have advantages in size, numbers, weapons etc.

Also many times military fight training tends to be something that is done almost as an add on to their regular training. They have limited time teach the skills. Usually during Boot Camp. Generally in a military situation you don’t end up having to do empty hand self-defense or go to secondary weapons like knife or baton. In the military you use your primary weapons which will generally be a rifle. You have a squad well trained and armed people surrounding you that you are trying to work in unison with. So the defense is done as a team and they assume that you will have that team surrounding you.

And sometimes the outcomes that they’re looking for are different. As part of the military unit you are trying to complete your mission. Occasionally there are situations where individual losses are unfortunate but acceptable. So they may train soldiers to take certain actions that might put the individual soldier more at risk at that moment but will serve the needs of the overall mission.

So for instance if a squad of soldiers needs to cross certain piece of ground or move forward to a different location they may engage their opponents and create risk for themselves to complete their mission. When if all they were concerned with was self-preservation they might take different actions, not engage right at that moment etc. so if you were using military training in civilian self-defense sometimes you will be encouraged to take actions that may put you more at risk of being harmed physically or you may take actions that will cause you different difficulties in civilian life. Higher levels of violence that situation doesn’t require etc.

The types of training that soldiers receive also is constrained by the amount of time they have available to train and all the other skills that are unique to the military that they have to master. So military training tends to extremely abbreviate fundamental skills in the interest of time, saving money etc. Or they tend to skip skills that military applications don’t find as useful -like submission holds, locks, restraints, escapes etc but that in normal civilian life are extremely useful self-defense skills to have.

As expert martial arts instructors we understand and have extensive knowledge in the complete range of martial arts skill sets. We know how the military training is done and where it’s distinguished from the original fighting arts. And what modifications have been made and why. As we said sometimes those modifications are not optimal for your chances of being successful in self-defense scenario. As an individual there are no “acceptable casualties”on your side of self-defense equation.

Similarly newer Budo martial arts training modifies techniques to make them more sport effective, to change the aesthetics and look of the techniques or to reduce their effectiveness as a fighting art to make them safer for sport competitions. Many times these changes drastically reduce the usefulness of these arts for personal self defense. For instance the most common punch in sport martial arts is more likely to fail resulting in an injured or broken wrist, “boxers fracture” etc. you need to be trained by an expert martial arts instructor who understands which techniques are most effective and can guide you in the right direction. Sport martial arts is not as effective for real life application.

We are able to optimize your personal martial arts skills so they will function in the best way for you as an individual. We calibrate the skills and training to the individual students based on their needs, physiology and self defense needs.

Once again there is a lot more to this discussion. It’s much easier to understand it and gain an appreciation of the different factors involved when you see it for yourself. The only way to really understand a martial art and a certain instructor is to go and experience it for yourself in person.

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